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It has been suggested by ancient sources and by modern science that there is a planet which orbits the Sun in a highly elliptical orbit with its closest approach to the Sun inside of Jupiter’s orbit and with its furthest distance from the Sun far beyond Pluto’s orbit. Researchers have suggested that this orbit of the Sun takes 3,600 years, based upon translation of ancient texts from the earliest high civilization of Mesopotamia. Computer models also suggest the presence of such a planet and orbit due to known perturbations of the outer planets of our Solar System.

Some of the oldest recorded knowledge of our celestial surroundings appears highly developed and accurate while much later information demonstrates loss or contamination of early detail.

Several ancient texts and images illustrate a celestial view best described as “off Earth” with plane of reference being the Milky Way Galaxy (relatively stable over thousands of years) rather than our ever changing view referenced from Earth’s surface.

What did the ancients know, and how do we know they had this knowledge?

This site is created as of December 2005 to propose a path of the missing planet which is redundantly corroborated by ancient sources and validated by modern science. Expansion of this site is forthcoming.

Many who visit this site will be familiar with the work of Zecharia Sitchin. Those who have read his books understand the futility of attempts to “thumbnail sketch” the entire story for those who have not read the books. While this proposed path of the missing planet is compatible with Sitchin’s work and could expand it, my method of developing this path is unique. I continue to search for evidence and strive to develop explanations of “self-evident” nature.