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January 24th, 2011

Page requests for this website number almost 350,000 and all successful requests (including images) almost 1.5 million. These requests come from countries virtually worldwide. Thanks for continued interest.

I am now using Version 1.6.0 Celestia (a program free for the download online) and continue to have sporadic requests for the Nibiru add-on which allows one to see a 3D view of my proposed path of Nibiru.

Lloyd Pye continues to make significant progress with DNA testing on the Starchild Skull. This is one of the best possibilities of which I’m aware to prove definitively that Earth has been visited by aliens in a scientific and irrefutable way.

Years ago, I mentioned the discovery of a tomb with some ancient artifacts which could possibly be linked with the “family” of Jesus. There is a movie (recently available on Netflix) called Bloodline, which Bruce Burgess and Rene Barnett made available, including “Ben Hammot’s story”. Well worth a view.

Zecharia Sitchin has passed from this world. We owe him much for results of his lifetime of research about our past as related in his many books and lectures.

Truth about UFO’s continues to work its way closer to the surface as country after country open secret files to public scrutiny. Even documentaries about megalithic structures around the world and other topics associated with possible alien intervention are now far less denigrated by the proverbial skeptic as a token part of every such presentation.

We can hope that sometime soon we will be able to openly discuss subjects which have been pushed into the background by “scientists” who refuse to follow the course of “following truth wherever it may lead” due to various personal agendas. We can also hope that religious leaders will continue to openly admit their mistakes and wrongdoing under the guise of helping mankind. This is not a condemnation of either of these institutions but rather the expression of my wish that scientific and religious communities will continue to find common ground around discovery of truth rather than outdated ideas which only serve to confuse rather than enlighten.

Information of all kinds is readily available on the internet. As with all sources of information, we must learn to distinguish those with a ring of truth and supported by facts as opposed to those which are lacking in supportive evidence and designed to create followers regardless of truth.

Activity update

January 4th, 2009

I’m happy to announce that total traffic to has surpassed 750,000 image requests, 100,000 page requests and near 6 gigabytes of data transferred. These visits come from over 60 different countries.
SolelyJ has linked my site from his, and it’s humbling to be among the other links to well-known names in the anomaly community. CLICK HERE
While exploring, I discovered that my work has also been linked through the Hellenic Cosmology Institute in Greece. CLICK HERE

I’ve shared the SSC file for Celestia showing my proposed path of Nibiru with several people who’ve responded positively that they were able to make it work and see the path more clearly from a “3D space” view.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who’ve found sufficient benefit from my work to help others to learn about it.

The Last Supper interest

August 4th, 2007

Slavisa Pesci has been in the news recently with his reversed overlay of DaVinci’s “The Last Supper” painting. Just do a search in your choice of search engine, and you will find many links to the story and to some of his animations showing what he’s doing. There have been more than 15 million visits to a few sites where this information has been shown…enough to shut them down due to volume of hits. Goes to show, there is interest in this work, even if it’s primarily aimed at “killing the messenger”.
Just for the record, using the same principle means, I’ve gone far deeper into the DaVinci mystery than this, but my work has no such outlet…yet. Still working toward movie as the means for making it available.

“The Starchild Skull” by Lloyd Pye

April 14th, 2007

“The Starchild Skull” will soon be available, and it’s a good read. Lloyd Pye reveals details of his stewardship of this relic and the hardships involved with attempting to force the scientific community to be scientific in learning whether this skull is that of a human-alien hybrid. As with so many other anomalistic subjects, the very individuals who should be most qualified and most interested in finding truth prefer to avoid involvement due to peer pressure and fear of destroying the paradigm upon which their career, recognition, and income rest. Don’t kid yourself, the world still persecutes those who are ahead of their time despite the truth they may see.
Having said that, this skull just might be proven (by scientific method now coming to the fore) to be the “real deal”. If so, then it will usher a new era in how we perceive self, our surroundings and relativity of this little blue marble we call Earth.

“The End of Days” by Sitchin

April 14th, 2007

After reading Sitchin’s most recent book, thought I’d post a few thoughts here.

1. His historical perspective of the Middle East is admirable.
2. His links to the Anunnaki bloodline are compelling and far reaching in their coverage.
3. IMHO, he missed the boat on the DaVinci links, because he fails to understand “the rest of the story” concerning DaVinci’s Cathar leanings and references countering the “first glance” at Leonardo’s work.
4. While Sitchin seems convinced that the past foretells the future, I fail to see the “why” behind the who and what. Certainly, my lack of understanding doesn’t negate the possible validity of fact.

The book is a good overview of earlier works with some new Anunnaki family ties thrown in for good measure. As usual, the book does not answer some of the questions used to pull one into the book, but it’s a good read. Some questions only lead to more questions.

News Update on DaVinci Code

October 27th, 2006

Online research leads to a jaw-dropping multitude of “codes” which, when considered together, lead one to a body of evidence proving their validity. DaVinci and other Renaissance painters and sculptors preserved in their work an overarching story with roots far earlier than the Christian era. For months, I’ve explored the great body of works by DaVinci which leads to the discovery that most (if not all) of his work was crafted as an interwoven whole which substantiates his story behind the story depicted at surface level. Further, the great churches of Europe were built with encoded information and filled with works of art including paintings, sculpture, and stained glass renderings which superficially depict the Christian story but which contain embedded encoded information with the same roots as that shown by DaVinci. Still further, many of these great buildings were placed with relative proximity and specific location further corroborating a highly advanced knowledge with roots preceding the Christian era.

These methods would have often been construed then as attempts to bash Christianity, but they were successful for preserving knowledge of facts which early leaders of the Christian movement zealously tried to erase forever. Early Christians were not the first nor the only ones who attempted to destroy all that preceded their time in a quest for power and control. Some of the wanton destruction was for empire building and some for a perceived desire to improve civilization (motivations for the destruction varied from very good to very bad). It is not my desire to judge but to enlighten so that all might benefit from the knowledge of facts. Of all things gained from this knowledge, mankind seems to be most in need of knowledge substantiating our common roots rather than dividing over differences which ultimately is least civilized. This only leads to self-destruction and damage to this little blue marble which is demonstrating its limited capacity to support human populations in the billions. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish books contain information about people and places primarily from the Mesopotamian region on Earth (centered in modern day Iraq along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers) and reaching to Egypt, Eastern Europe, and western Asia. Many archeological discoveries in recent history continue to support historical and geographical information from far earlier time about even earlier civilizations on Earth alluded to but omitted from current religious literature. Explanation most often given for that omission is that the earlier civilization was of a “pagan” nature not worthy of mention in polite circles. It is more likely that so much factual information was destroyed or hidden from further destruction that little knowledge was available to them from earlier times. Facts from a multitude of collections from ancient libraries, architectural remnants, art pieces, and massive structures (still existing after thousands of years) prove conclusively that the earliest high civilization on Earth was the most highly advanced for several thousand succeeding years. Zecharia Sitchin uses these facts to construct a hypothesis that this knowledge was bequeathed by a civilization from another planet. Enough supportive evidence for that hypothesis now exists (and continues to grow) to place it in the “slam dunk” category, in my humble opinion. Certainly, there are skeptics and naysayers who will never accept that knowledge. Many of them control the institutions of “science” and education which continue dogmatic approach to disseminating what we “know” rather than learning what we should know from the past to prepare us to make better choices in the future.

For the past several years, I’ve studied Sitchin’s story and found it to be the most complete and most accurate rendering of our past available to us today. The gist is that the “myths” from the mists of time and the great body of evidence mentioned earlier combine as highly probable fact rather than myth to form a story about humankind on Earth brought from hominoid to human, given speech/intelligence/manual dexterity to serve as helpmate, and bequeathed with information from the much more highly advanced space travelling alien civilization. The process of elevation to human included use of their DNA mixed with the existing being. This “bloodline” (from a civilization which had lifespan of thousands of our years and much higher mental development) and the bequeathed knowledge of the “heavens” provide the sources for otherwise nonsensical myths, allegories, angelic beings, “gods”, arriving from clouds and ascending to heaven accompanied by smoke and fire, and the descriptions of laser and nuclear type weaponry from the ancient past. The very real living “gods” on Earth warred among themselves and left substantial proof of their existence. At Ballbek in modern day Lebanon, there is a structure built with megalithic stones on top of which were built far lesser structures by the Greeks and Romans. Online searches yield site plans based upon archeological discovery. At Jerusalem, there is megalithic stone structure on top of which are built more modern structures. There too, site plans exist online, and there are many documented excavations and explorations which, taken as a whole, combine into interlocking puzzle pieces with Baalbek.

Why all this in the subject of the DaVinci Code? Simply this…the DaVinci Code contains keys to the secret knowledge preserved and protected by those who knew the truth of these interlocking pieces of our past but who have been persecuted and prosecuted by those in authority with fervent desire to destroy that “heretical” information. I have discovered enough of the keys in the “codes” to substantiate what I suspected earlier but was not able to openly discuss. Just yesterday, I found online a site revealing discovery in late 2005 of a tomb (which was only found by following the codes) containing a body, a cross, a chest, and other artifacts clearly demonstrating connections to the encoded information. If this proves to be truth rather than hoax, and if those in the know don’t remove the evidence before it’s made common public knowledge, this may be the first documented and verified piece of a very large mosaic to come into the open after literally thousands of the years of secrecy and denial of factual information. I hope that there are enough enlightened individuals to understand and appreciate the importance of such evidence to prevent its destruction, and I do hope it’s not a hoax which would further delay true enlightenment.

The codes are breathing new life. Let us hope that mankind is ready for the truth. It hasn’t been for thousands of years. What does that say about our worthiness to exist and to enjoy this beautiful planet?

More on DaVinci

August 29th, 2006

Some of the most interesting discovery of the past 500 years has finally opened up the “code” to a much higher level. High resolution imagery will no doubt clarify the path to this discovery and improve the impact, but it is not necessary to demonstrate the effects. There is not only an embedded encoded secondary meaning behind the art, Leonardo himself says that the hidden meaning is the primary reason for its existence. This encoded information leads to a method for viewing the flat 2D art to reveal a user interactive 3D dynamic representation of the background info. It is so profound and so beyond technology of the era that it really brings home the quote by Kenneth D. Keele who writes in Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomical Drawings, “By the eventual application of his physical laws, Leonardo achieved a wholly unique penetration into the mechanical principles of physiology. His contemporaries were quite unready for this … Leonardo was a man who awoke too early in the dawn of the scientific Renaissance while others still slept.”
It goes without saying that I am both ecstatic with this discovery and humbled by the greatness of such a mind as Leonardo’s.
Slowly making progress on prospects for obtaining high res art and breaking into the almost impenetrable movie production crowd.
If only they knew what a gem this is….and what a fortune it will spawn.
I am reminded of a quote from a friend of years gone by “Experience is so valuable because it costs so much.” and of the old saw “No one said life would be easy.”
It is my intent to share this information with the world at earliest convenient time but not at the expense of quality or completeness.
Any and all help appreciated for obtaining the best quality images and for finding avenues for best methods to reveal it.
Wish me luck, it’s a rough path, but it will definitely be worth the hardships to bring this story to life. It is truly awesome!

DaVinci Code Follow up

August 22nd, 2006

After extensive additional research and juggling a massive amount of available data, several layers of additional embedded encoded information redundantly corroborate and expand what I found earlier. This work currently reveals, in a sufficiently self-evident manner, enough evidence to convince all skeptics (except those who delude themselves) that Leonardo encoded information showing how he prepared and executed his work. Further, the end result of what can be seen is subject to very little interpretation and stands on its own as a powerful visual message. This information has been shrouded in secrecy for 500 years, violently attacked and denied by religious groups, pursued by truth-seekers, and closely followed by those who love puzzles. Revealing this information will no doubt spur additional interest and lead to further discovery. It is a very complex and involved story with an almost incomprehensible amount of interlinking.

If anyone reading this can provide me with contact information for obtaining high resolution, low parallax images of Leonardo’s work, I’d appreciate it very much.
Lacking such imagery, any contact information for seeking approval to prepare such imagery would also be appreciated.
If anyone reading this can provide contact information for Ron Howard for the purpose of discussing the potential for revealing this on the big screen, I’d appreciate that opportunity. (Ron is only the first to come to mind due to prior involvement in this story. Other movie producers would, of course, also be considered.)

DaVinci Code

July 5th, 2006

To all those who have become complacent about the DaVinci Code, we should be careful to evaluate the facts before making bold sweeping statements. My own discovery process has shown that claims of its demise are premature. The Code is real, self-evident, and very much alive through the works of DaVinci, and it is openly available information through current images on the internet. Whether DaVinci knew of corroborative evidence remains to be seen, but logic would lead one to conclude that he must have known “something” which caused him to risk everything to preserve this knowledge and to make its impact known to all who see his embedded codes.

Most people have heard of the DaVinci Code due to recent publicity about the book and/or the movie. (This is not the “Bible Code” where there are messages found in the text of the Bible.) The DaVinci Code is about the possibility that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and bore offspring of his bloodline. Most religious fundamentalists strongly reject the premise, and there have been so many rejections in television documentary and internet forms that many have become quite comfortable with the notion that this is all just fiction without any solid foundation whatsoever.

However, the self-evident codes embedded in DaVinci’s works of art raise some interesting questions:
* In DaVinci’s time, “heresy” was punishable by death, so why was he willing to risk his reputation, career, and life itself to embed these codes to preserve the story?
* Was DaVinci actually, as some have claimed, once a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion which would explain the links to Baphomet, serpents, and other male and female symbolism?
* Was DaVinci privy to information which was based upon solid foundation and backed by evidence?

While the DaVinci Code may seem totally unrelated to Nibiru, there is some reason behind not only connection but perhaps close connection. The bloodline of Jesus is told in the Bible to be from David as passed down from Noah. Noah is “The Hero of the Deluge/Great Flood”, but there is an earlier story which parallels that of Noah with the Hero being Ziusudra. If Zecharia Sitchin is correct in his assessment of Noah being the same as Ziusudra (a son of Enki by an Earthling mother named Batanash), and if that forefather is indeed a forefather of Jesus, then Jesus would have been of that bloodline. Further, if Jesus was conceived by Mary via artificial insemination, he could have been much closer to the source than through the line of the Earthling patriarchs.

Another important consideration is whether Mary herself was possibly of “royal” blood, as some claim. If Mary and Jesus were both of a bloodline from the Anunnaki, and if they had offspring, this could have brought into question the validity of base of power attributed to the religious leaders from the time of Jesus forward. This threat to the establishment would undoubtedly have been met with extreme measures to preserve existing structure. With this in mind, perhaps the actions taken by those in power around the time of the birth of Jesus and the time of his crucifixion become more clear. Perhaps it was more than claims of a few but the supportive evidence which they wished to “erase”.

I find it very interesting that what we think we know is so much in need of rework with new discovery of old knowledge which continues to become more scientifically viable through the use of new tools.

‘X’ Zone Radio Interview

May 12th, 2006

Rob McConnell interviewed me Thursday, May 11, live on ‘X’ Zone Radio.
This was my first live interview, but Rob did a good job making it go smoothly
and even asked me to come back for more in the future. I was very pleased to
have this opportunity to share some ideas with the ‘X’ Zone audience.

An archived streaming audio is available through May without cost.
If you are interested in hearing the interview, CLICK HERE:
then click PLAY NOW just under the May 11 banner.