DaVinci Code Follow up

After extensive additional research and juggling a massive amount of available data, several layers of additional embedded encoded information redundantly corroborate and expand what I found earlier. This work currently reveals, in a sufficiently self-evident manner, enough evidence to convince all skeptics (except those who delude themselves) that Leonardo encoded information showing how he prepared and executed his work. Further, the end result of what can be seen is subject to very little interpretation and stands on its own as a powerful visual message. This information has been shrouded in secrecy for 500 years, violently attacked and denied by religious groups, pursued by truth-seekers, and closely followed by those who love puzzles. Revealing this information will no doubt spur additional interest and lead to further discovery. It is a very complex and involved story with an almost incomprehensible amount of interlinking.

If anyone reading this can provide me with contact information for obtaining high resolution, low parallax images of Leonardo’s work, I’d appreciate it very much.
Lacking such imagery, any contact information for seeking approval to prepare such imagery would also be appreciated.
If anyone reading this can provide contact information for Ron Howard for the purpose of discussing the potential for revealing this on the big screen, I’d appreciate that opportunity. (Ron is only the first to come to mind due to prior involvement in this story. Other movie producers would, of course, also be considered.)

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