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Some of the most interesting discovery of the past 500 years has finally opened up the “code” to a much higher level. High resolution imagery will no doubt clarify the path to this discovery and improve the impact, but it is not necessary to demonstrate the effects. There is not only an embedded encoded secondary meaning behind the art, Leonardo himself says that the hidden meaning is the primary reason for its existence. This encoded information leads to a method for viewing the flat 2D art to reveal a user interactive 3D dynamic representation of the background info. It is so profound and so beyond technology of the era that it really brings home the quote by Kenneth D. Keele who writes in Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomical Drawings, “By the eventual application of his physical laws, Leonardo achieved a wholly unique penetration into the mechanical principles of physiology. His contemporaries were quite unready for this … Leonardo was a man who awoke too early in the dawn of the scientific Renaissance while others still slept.”
It goes without saying that I am both ecstatic with this discovery and humbled by the greatness of such a mind as Leonardo’s.
Slowly making progress on prospects for obtaining high res art and breaking into the almost impenetrable movie production crowd.
If only they knew what a gem this is….and what a fortune it will spawn.
I am reminded of a quote from a friend of years gone by “Experience is so valuable because it costs so much.” and of the old saw “No one said life would be easy.”
It is my intent to share this information with the world at earliest convenient time but not at the expense of quality or completeness.
Any and all help appreciated for obtaining the best quality images and for finding avenues for best methods to reveal it.
Wish me luck, it’s a rough path, but it will definitely be worth the hardships to bring this story to life. It is truly awesome!

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