News Update on DaVinci Code

Online research leads to a jaw-dropping multitude of “codes” which, when considered together, lead one to a body of evidence proving their validity. DaVinci and other Renaissance painters and sculptors preserved in their work an overarching story with roots far earlier than the Christian era. For months, I’ve explored the great body of works by DaVinci which leads to the discovery that most (if not all) of his work was crafted as an interwoven whole which substantiates his story behind the story depicted at surface level. Further, the great churches of Europe were built with encoded information and filled with works of art including paintings, sculpture, and stained glass renderings which superficially depict the Christian story but which contain embedded encoded information with the same roots as that shown by DaVinci. Still further, many of these great buildings were placed with relative proximity and specific location further corroborating a highly advanced knowledge with roots preceding the Christian era.

These methods would have often been construed then as attempts to bash Christianity, but they were successful for preserving knowledge of facts which early leaders of the Christian movement zealously tried to erase forever. Early Christians were not the first nor the only ones who attempted to destroy all that preceded their time in a quest for power and control. Some of the wanton destruction was for empire building and some for a perceived desire to improve civilization (motivations for the destruction varied from very good to very bad). It is not my desire to judge but to enlighten so that all might benefit from the knowledge of facts. Of all things gained from this knowledge, mankind seems to be most in need of knowledge substantiating our common roots rather than dividing over differences which ultimately is least civilized. This only leads to self-destruction and damage to this little blue marble which is demonstrating its limited capacity to support human populations in the billions. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish books contain information about people and places primarily from the Mesopotamian region on Earth (centered in modern day Iraq along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers) and reaching to Egypt, Eastern Europe, and western Asia. Many archeological discoveries in recent history continue to support historical and geographical information from far earlier time about even earlier civilizations on Earth alluded to but omitted from current religious literature. Explanation most often given for that omission is that the earlier civilization was of a “pagan” nature not worthy of mention in polite circles. It is more likely that so much factual information was destroyed or hidden from further destruction that little knowledge was available to them from earlier times. Facts from a multitude of collections from ancient libraries, architectural remnants, art pieces, and massive structures (still existing after thousands of years) prove conclusively that the earliest high civilization on Earth was the most highly advanced for several thousand succeeding years. Zecharia Sitchin uses these facts to construct a hypothesis that this knowledge was bequeathed by a civilization from another planet. Enough supportive evidence for that hypothesis now exists (and continues to grow) to place it in the “slam dunk” category, in my humble opinion. Certainly, there are skeptics and naysayers who will never accept that knowledge. Many of them control the institutions of “science” and education which continue dogmatic approach to disseminating what we “know” rather than learning what we should know from the past to prepare us to make better choices in the future.

For the past several years, I’ve studied Sitchin’s story and found it to be the most complete and most accurate rendering of our past available to us today. The gist is that the “myths” from the mists of time and the great body of evidence mentioned earlier combine as highly probable fact rather than myth to form a story about humankind on Earth brought from hominoid to human, given speech/intelligence/manual dexterity to serve as helpmate, and bequeathed with information from the much more highly advanced space travelling alien civilization. The process of elevation to human included use of their DNA mixed with the existing being. This “bloodline” (from a civilization which had lifespan of thousands of our years and much higher mental development) and the bequeathed knowledge of the “heavens” provide the sources for otherwise nonsensical myths, allegories, angelic beings, “gods”, arriving from clouds and ascending to heaven accompanied by smoke and fire, and the descriptions of laser and nuclear type weaponry from the ancient past. The very real living “gods” on Earth warred among themselves and left substantial proof of their existence. At Ballbek in modern day Lebanon, there is a structure built with megalithic stones on top of which were built far lesser structures by the Greeks and Romans. Online searches yield site plans based upon archeological discovery. At Jerusalem, there is megalithic stone structure on top of which are built more modern structures. There too, site plans exist online, and there are many documented excavations and explorations which, taken as a whole, combine into interlocking puzzle pieces with Baalbek.

Why all this in the subject of the DaVinci Code? Simply this…the DaVinci Code contains keys to the secret knowledge preserved and protected by those who knew the truth of these interlocking pieces of our past but who have been persecuted and prosecuted by those in authority with fervent desire to destroy that “heretical” information. I have discovered enough of the keys in the “codes” to substantiate what I suspected earlier but was not able to openly discuss. Just yesterday, I found online a site revealing discovery in late 2005 of a tomb (which was only found by following the codes) containing a body, a cross, a chest, and other artifacts clearly demonstrating connections to the encoded information. If this proves to be truth rather than hoax, and if those in the know don’t remove the evidence before it’s made common public knowledge, this may be the first documented and verified piece of a very large mosaic to come into the open after literally thousands of the years of secrecy and denial of factual information. I hope that there are enough enlightened individuals to understand and appreciate the importance of such evidence to prevent its destruction, and I do hope it’s not a hoax which would further delay true enlightenment.

The codes are breathing new life. Let us hope that mankind is ready for the truth. It hasn’t been for thousands of years. What does that say about our worthiness to exist and to enjoy this beautiful planet?

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