“The End of Days” by Sitchin

After reading Sitchin’s most recent book, thought I’d post a few thoughts here.

1. His historical perspective of the Middle East is admirable.
2. His links to the Anunnaki bloodline are compelling and far reaching in their coverage.
3. IMHO, he missed the boat on the DaVinci links, because he fails to understand “the rest of the story” concerning DaVinci’s Cathar leanings and references countering the “first glance” at Leonardo’s work.
4. While Sitchin seems convinced that the past foretells the future, I fail to see the “why” behind the who and what. Certainly, my lack of understanding doesn’t negate the possible validity of fact.

The book is a good overview of earlier works with some new Anunnaki family ties thrown in for good measure. As usual, the book does not answer some of the questions used to pull one into the book, but it’s a good read. Some questions only lead to more questions.

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