“The Starchild Skull” by Lloyd Pye

“The Starchild Skull” will soon be available, and it’s a good read. Lloyd Pye reveals details of his stewardship of this relic and the hardships involved with attempting to force the scientific community to be scientific in learning whether this skull is that of a human-alien hybrid. As with so many other anomalistic subjects, the very individuals who should be most qualified and most interested in finding truth prefer to avoid involvement due to peer pressure and fear of destroying the paradigm upon which their career, recognition, and income rest. Don’t kid yourself, the world still persecutes those who are ahead of their time despite the truth they may see.
Having said that, this skull just might be proven (by scientific method now coming to the fore) to be the “real deal”. If so, then it will usher a new era in how we perceive self, our surroundings and relativity of this little blue marble we call Earth.

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