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Page requests for this website number almost 350,000 and all successful requests (including images) almost 1.5 million. These requests come from countries virtually worldwide. Thanks for continued interest.

I am now using Version 1.6.0 Celestia (a program free for the download online) and continue to have sporadic requests for the Nibiru add-on which allows one to see a 3D view of my proposed path of Nibiru.

Lloyd Pye continues to make significant progress with DNA testing on the Starchild Skull. This is one of the best possibilities of which I’m aware to prove definitively that Earth has been visited by aliens in a scientific and irrefutable way.

Years ago, I mentioned the discovery of a tomb with some ancient artifacts which could possibly be linked with the “family” of Jesus. There is a movie (recently available on Netflix) called Bloodline, which Bruce Burgess and Rene Barnett made available, including “Ben Hammot’s story”. Well worth a view.

Zecharia Sitchin has passed from this world. We owe him much for results of his lifetime of research about our past as related in his many books and lectures.

Truth about UFO’s continues to work its way closer to the surface as country after country open secret files to public scrutiny. Even documentaries about megalithic structures around the world and other topics associated with possible alien intervention are now far less denigrated by the proverbial skeptic as a token part of every such presentation.

We can hope that sometime soon we will be able to openly discuss subjects which have been pushed into the background by “scientists” who refuse to follow the course of “following truth wherever it may lead” due to various personal agendas. We can also hope that religious leaders will continue to openly admit their mistakes and wrongdoing under the guise of helping mankind. This is not a condemnation of either of these institutions but rather the expression of my wish that scientific and religious communities will continue to find common ground around discovery of truth rather than outdated ideas which only serve to confuse rather than enlighten.

Information of all kinds is readily available on the internet. As with all sources of information, we must learn to distinguish those with a ring of truth and supported by facts as opposed to those which are lacking in supportive evidence and designed to create followers regardless of truth.

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