DaVinci Code

To all those who have become complacent about the DaVinci Code, we should be careful to evaluate the facts before making bold sweeping statements. My own discovery process has shown that claims of its demise are premature. The Code is real, self-evident, and very much alive through the works of DaVinci, and it is openly available information through current images on the internet. Whether DaVinci knew of corroborative evidence remains to be seen, but logic would lead one to conclude that he must have known “something” which caused him to risk everything to preserve this knowledge and to make its impact known to all who see his embedded codes.

Most people have heard of the DaVinci Code due to recent publicity about the book and/or the movie. (This is not the “Bible Code” where there are messages found in the text of the Bible.) The DaVinci Code is about the possibility that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and bore offspring of his bloodline. Most religious fundamentalists strongly reject the premise, and there have been so many rejections in television documentary and internet forms that many have become quite comfortable with the notion that this is all just fiction without any solid foundation whatsoever.

However, the self-evident codes embedded in DaVinci’s works of art raise some interesting questions:
* In DaVinci’s time, “heresy” was punishable by death, so why was he willing to risk his reputation, career, and life itself to embed these codes to preserve the story?
* Was DaVinci actually, as some have claimed, once a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion which would explain the links to Baphomet, serpents, and other male and female symbolism?
* Was DaVinci privy to information which was based upon solid foundation and backed by evidence?

While the DaVinci Code may seem totally unrelated to Nibiru, there is some reason behind not only connection but perhaps close connection. The bloodline of Jesus is told in the Bible to be from David as passed down from Noah. Noah is “The Hero of the Deluge/Great Flood”, but there is an earlier story which parallels that of Noah with the Hero being Ziusudra. If Zecharia Sitchin is correct in his assessment of Noah being the same as Ziusudra (a son of Enki by an Earthling mother named Batanash), and if that forefather is indeed a forefather of Jesus, then Jesus would have been of that bloodline. Further, if Jesus was conceived by Mary via artificial insemination, he could have been much closer to the source than through the line of the Earthling patriarchs.

Another important consideration is whether Mary herself was possibly of “royal” blood, as some claim. If Mary and Jesus were both of a bloodline from the Anunnaki, and if they had offspring, this could have brought into question the validity of base of power attributed to the religious leaders from the time of Jesus forward. This threat to the establishment would undoubtedly have been met with extreme measures to preserve existing structure. With this in mind, perhaps the actions taken by those in power around the time of the birth of Jesus and the time of his crucifixion become more clear. Perhaps it was more than claims of a few but the supportive evidence which they wished to “erase”.

I find it very interesting that what we think we know is so much in need of rework with new discovery of old knowledge which continues to become more scientifically viable through the use of new tools.

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