Proposed path of Nibiru

March 23rd, 2006

As hinted in my “Follow up” post, I’ve recently installed the 1.4.1 version of Celestia and contacted some of the good folks there to explain my goal. One of the guys was very understanding and responsive with a suggestion to create a file which adds Nibiru to the known planets of our Solar System. With his help, I created a file with approximate orbit parameters and suggested current location of the planet (based upon information derived from Sitchin and other sources). Further, I designed a very basic “dark red” body of approximately four times Earth size fitting the description of “three to five” Earth masses. This file can be added to the Addons folder in Celestia, and presto! you can see my concept of Nibiru in Celestia. Not only that, you can virtually move in 3D space to examine that orbit from near or far and at any desired angle. Suddenly, one can begin to see the surrounding space from the eyes of a spacefarer who travels far beyond Pluto to Earth. Very exciting for me to see this begin to come to life.

If anyone wishes to see the results of adding this file to Celestia, I’d be glad to provide the file and instructions on adding it to the program. (Celestia is a FREE program for the download online.)

Next, is the virtual reality “flythrough” that I described initially. This will be more challenging due to complex dynamics of planetary gravitational effects, but it need not be overly complex to illustrate the look and feel of a space traveller enroute. More on this later.


December 24th, 2005

Ten days after first opening, material at continues to interest a surprising variety of visitors using an equally surprising variety of contact means. Thanks for your interest in sufficient numbers to trigger recognition by Google. Comments are welcome and available on the blog page. The “No comments..” is only a statement that none have been given yet rather than not available. While preparing for family togetherness during the holidays, I find time each day to check e-mail and site activity.

Peace, Happiness and Prosperity to each and all during the holiday season and throughout the coming year.

Follow up

December 15th, 2005

My new website received some attention last night after a superb send-off by Lloyd Pye and George Noory on Coast to Coast. Thanks to them and to those who made the effort to find and especially to those who apparently took the time to actually read the full content. I’ve had some good positive feedback and none negative via e-mail. Please return to the site and follow the progress as new information is added. This is an exciting time to be alive with such tools available for expressing and widely distributing ideas. My goal is to prepare a “virtual reality flythrough” of the path taken by a spacecraft on its way from Nibiru to Earth with the starfield depicted as it would look from the craft but with constellations depicted for the benefit of those of us who are not yet experts at identifying the “guideposts” without some help. Have already done some poking around with Celestia, and it looks like the tool of choice for me at this time. More to come.