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Galactic coordinates are (fig. C1):

In – from Sun to galactic center on galactic plane (ref. Sagittarius)

Out – opposite galactic center from the Sun on galactic plane (ref. Orion’s upraised sword)

Left – 90 degrees to In/Out line from the Sun on the galactic plane (ref. Cygnus)

Right – 90 degrees to In/Out line from the Sun on the galactic plane (ref. Vela)

Up – 90 degrees from galactic plane above the Sun (ref. Coma Berenices)

Down – 90 degrees from galactic plane below the Sun (ref. Sculptor)

Left/Right axis – X
Up/Down axis – Y
In/Out axis – Z

An X,Y,Z coordinate system is the conventional basis for locating a point in space.

With a galactic framework, one can add the Solar System and onto that the Earth projected grid. Navigation of the entire trip from deep space would then be possible with focus first on galactic plane then on ecliptic plane and finally on Earth’s equatorial plane all within the concept of an unchanging star field by which one can orient. This system would also lend itself to navigation to other planets than Earth.


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Galactic and Ecliptic Planes (click for full size)
A1: Ecliptic Plane