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Fig A1 is a screen grab from SkyGlobe (shareware program) with additional highlighting by Damon.

Fig A2 one layer is from this section of Mazzaroth.com. to color the circle. First layer of ceiling: I cannot find the source though there are many similar images online. The red axes added by Damon. All layering, making transparent, and rework done in CorelDRAW!

Fig A3 is from Sitchin's book "The Stairway to Heaven" Fig 12, but I've also seen it online. Red coloring of the serpent is by Damon in Corel Photopaint as I recall.

Fig A4 is part of Fig.22 in Sitchin's book "The Stairway to Heaven", but it too is depicted online.

Fib B1 is screen grab from SkyGlobe with highlighting of Serpens and Hydra and yellow line for plane of Nibiru orbit is by Damon in Corel.

Fig C1 is artwork by Damon done in CorelDRAW!